1. 11/2011 Tanzania Hindu Directory & Database 2012 Mr. Snehal Bakrania

The database is anticipated to cover each and every Hindu residing on the soils of Tanzania. This exercise will not only provide statistics but also establish a permanent communication with Hindus which will be a milestone by itself. HCT can use this database in various activities like business, religious, cultural, social etc.
This exercise is on going and HCT is encouraging all member organizations to assist HCT in registering their members on the online database.

The website provides information of HCT activities to all its members and the general public. The team members in charge of this project are Hitesh J. Chohan & Vimal V. Rathod.
2. 05/2013 Suraksha Tanzania -Emergency Response Mr. Babulal Chudasama This project aims at training volunteers who can aid in case of emergency situation. The volunteers also serve during HCT events like Navratri, Sharad Utsav & Diwali. The team is lead by Commanders & Captains. ( Download ) Though Suraksha Tz took off in early 2013 the Policy document was only completed this year, thanks to the core team members; Sanjay Oza, Anup Rathod Dhwanit Brahmkshatriya, Shailesh Chavda & Pulin Manek. Suraksha Tz held if first elections on (date) and the current elected leaders are Sanjay Oza (Commander, Manish Divecha (Ast. Commander) Captains Bhavini Sanghvi & Ritesh Parmar.
3. 05/2013 Business Forum Mr. Harish Patel A semi autonomous body, an association of Hindu business persons. HBF core team of was initially established to draft the policy document and upon completion, HBF held its first elections on 20 Nov 2014 after 5 HBF meetings over a span of almost a year of building a strong foundation. It is currently governed by HBF Board and the core members who worked tirelessly to prepare the policy are  Hitesh Divecha, Jayesh Ganatra, Alkesh Mandania, Jai Shah, Mayur Parikh, Nikhil Sanghani & Rajesh Joshi.
4. 03/2014 Hindu Job Centre Mr. Jay Ramesh A portal of sharing information between job seekers & job offers exclusively for Hindus. The project is an undertaking of HBF ( Download ) and the Administrator is Jay Ramesh.
5. 07/2014 Asset Management Committee Mr. Navin Kanabar

This Committee was a result of a resolution of the Special General Assembly of 25 July 2014 which saw Hindu organization properties being neglected and disowned due to lack of funds and absent of Hindu families to look after. The Committee comprises of Trustees from various HCT Members and they are Navin Kanabar, Anil Patel, Jigar Patel, & Kishorbhai Simzia( Download )

6. 03/2014 Hindu Student Scholarship Program Mr. Vijay Somani This is HCT's initiative to support Hindu students in Tanzania to get into higher learning Tanzanian institution. Hindu student will have access to loans. This is at an early stage and the roll out of this project is subject to raising of seed fund for 5-6 student per year only. ( Download ) HCT is indebted to the following members or desiging the HSS Policy document; Jayesh Ganatra, Atul Sheth, Manish Joshi, Birju Gadhvi & Vidya Dondia.